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Flame Photometer

Flame Photometer
Flame Photometer
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Flame Photometer:


Flame Photometer Applies The Emission Spectrum As The Basic Principle, Which Uses The Flame 
Heat And Excites Part Of The Atoms In Alkaline Earth Metal. The Atoms Absorb Energy And 
Transit To The Previous Energy Level; When It Drops To The Normal Energy Level, It Has To Release 
Energy. The Energy Released Has Only The Spectral Characteristics, Namely, A Certain 
Wavelength Range. For Example, Place Salt In The Flame, And It Will Display Yellow Color, Due To 
The Sodium Atoms In Flames Falling Back To The Normal Energy Level And Displaying Yellow 
Spectrum. It Is Often Called “flame Color Reaction”. Different Alkali Metals Or Alkaline Earth 
Metals In The Flame Display Different Colors. Qualitative Tests Can Be Carried Out Together With 
Different Filters. The Flame Color Is Proportional To The Concentration Of Atoms Contained In The 
Solution, Which Constitutes A Quantitative Test Basis. This Method Is Typically Referred To As 
Flame Photometry, And This Type Of Equipment Is Known As Flame Photometer.